Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Indira Gandhi And The Tigers

India is home to Mahatma Gandhi and famous women such as Indira Gandhi was born there. From my perspective, I believe that Indira Gandhi was one of the most important women in modern Indian history and the Third World. The daughter of a political leader, Jawaharlal Nehru (Prime Minister 1947-1964). She was born November 19, 1917 in Allahabad.Indira governed for 15 years. In 1970, she autocratic power: human rights abuses and corruption ... Once in power, she has established good relations with the Soviet bloc. Ms. Gandhi has participated in many international conferences on population, health, and her leadership women.Under India annexed Sikkim, a Buddhist country. Her best friends were: Julyus Nyerere (former dictator of Tanzania), Forbes Burnham (Guyana former dictator) Fidel Castro (now the dictator of Cuba) and Michael Manley (former president of Jamaica). In 1984 he was killed by two men own a security guard. However, many people loved her and hated her. Of course, for many years been dominated by India's policy of Gandhi family and their party. Without a doubt, it is known as Margaret Thatcher (former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom) and Eva Duarte de Peron (former first lady of Argentina). Since 1966, more than 50 countries have had women presidents, vice presidents and prime ministers, including the Central African Republic, Taiwan, Ecuador, Jamaica, Uganda, South Korea, Vietnam and the former German Democratic Republic ( GDR).

She had a great passion and was a prominent advocate for animal rights. In the 20th century, many endangered mammals were killed in India for use in traditional Chinese medicine. Millions of endangered species of mammals, were smuggled to Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Macau and Japan. Of course, the Indian jungle is home to many wild animals like elephants, rhinos and tigers. Between 1910 and 1958, more than 57,000 tigers were killed hunters.In 1970, were 2000 tigers in Nationals Park.

With doubt, Indira Gandhi was a passionate third spokeswomen World animal rights. Once she said: "I would like my children to have the opportunity to see tigers in their natural habitat ..." In 1973 he founded after the "Project Tiger", Indira Gandhi was strictly prohibited the hunting of tigers and tiger bone trade. Like Gorillas in Rwanda (African countries) ... Lion in Kenya ... Panda in the People's Republic of China and ... African elephant in Botswana, the tiger is the national symbol of India. In 1980 there were 4000 tigers in many national parks.

As Prime Minister of India Mrs. Indira Gandhi became the second woman prime minister in the British Commonwealth of Nations. Over the years, her personal excluded imposed unity on India.The country has more than 800 ethnic groups and more than 200 different languages. In addition, India has one of the oldest civilizations in the world and is one of the largest countries in the world.


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